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Friday | July 3 | 2020

Bucharest City Hall builds a complex of 600 social housing apartments

Bucharest City Hall started construction works for a 11 floors building, with 114 apartments, which will be in use as social housing. The project is located on 322-326 Prelungirea Ghencea.

This is the first stage of the project to build a complex consisting of 8 units – approx. 600 apartments, which will have all the facilities needed: green spaces, 732 parking spaces, community services, etc.

The project is carried out in 2 phases: Phase I – involves the construction of an 11-storey building, and the second phase – the construction of seven 5-storey buildings.

First building to be completed in September

This first stage also includes 1.294 sqm of green spaces (approx. 37% of the land area of ​​3.532 sqm).

The design work was completed and the construction work started in August 2019. Until now the underground parking has been completed and the car ramp is to be built in the next three weeks.

First phase of the project has a value of approx. 7 million euros, and the land, with an area of ​​27.000 square meters, on which the entire complex is built, had a value of approx. 5 million euros.

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