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Sunday | July 5 | 2020

CFR Călatori temporarily suspends circulation of international trains

CFR Călatori temporarily suspends the circulation of trains in international traffic, in conjunction with the decisions of the railway administrations in the neighboring countries, in order to combat the spread of Covid-19.

Starting with 17.03.2020, in agreement with the Bulgarian railway administration, CFR Călatori suspends the international trains in relation with Bulgaria, as follows:

  • 1095/1094 Bucureşti Nord – Videle – Giurgiu Nord – Ruse and return.
  • 1090/1091 trains will run only on Craiova – Golenţi and return relationship.

Regarding the rail passenger traffic between Romania and Hungary, starting 17.03.2020, trains that provide local border traffic with access through the Episcopia Bihor station are suspended:

  • 364 Oradea – Puspokladany
  • 365 Puspokladany – Oradea
  • 368 Salonta – Puspokladany
  • 369 Puspokladany – Salonta

Between Romania and the Republic of Moldova, the joint decision with the Moldovan Railways is to temporarily suspend the circulation of the following trains through the Ungheni border point:

  • 401 Chisinau – Iasi – Bucharest
  • 402 Bucharest – Iasi – Chisinau
  • 1061/1062/1063/1064 Iasi – Ungheni and return

CFR Călători refunds your tickets

Travelers who have tickets purchased on the mentioned trains may request the full refund of the travel tickets.

In the case of the travel tickets purchased for this period on the international trains in circulation and if travellers desire to renounce the trip, the refund of the ticket prices is made according to the international regulations in force, made known to the passengers at the time of purchase.

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