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Saturday | July 4 | 2020

Romania closes several check points on all borders

Several border crossing points along the borders with Hungary, Ukraine, Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria and Serbia will be closed.

The following crossing points are to be temporarily closed, as traffic is currently low or have already been closed by the Serbian or Hungarian authorities.

At the border with Hungary – Turnu, Săcuieni, Salonta and Valea lui Mihai.

On the border with Ukraine: Sighet.

At the border with Bulgaria – Negru Voda, Lipnita, Dobromir, Zimnicea, Turnu Măgurele and Bechet.

At the border with the Republic of Moldova: Rădăuți Prut and Oancea.

At the border with Serbia were closed unilaterally by the Serbian authorities: Porțile de Fier 2, Moldova Nouă, Foieni, Lunga, Valcani, Drobeta Turnu Severin and Naidaş.

They remain functional: Porțile de Fier 1, Moravița and Jimbolia.

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