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Sunday | July 5 | 2020

Romanian health system is not prepared for the fight with COVID 19

“Sanitary Solidarity” Federation published the first data of a research on the perception of health system employees regarding the insurance of the individual protective equipment.

The general conclusion indicates that the Romanian health system is not yet prepared for the fight against the COVID 19 pandemic, the biggest weakness being the serious shortcomings in the field of individual protective equipment.

78% of health employees say hospitals does not have enough equipment

78% of the respondents say that the unit in which they operate does not have sufficient individual protective equipment (70.91% – for the question that was addressed to the medical-sanitary and auxiliary health personnel). Only 7.25% indicated that the unit has these equipment.

63% of the respondents indicated that they had not received the job protection training related to the medical care of coronavirus patients; 55.68% indicated the same for patients suspected of being infected with COVID 19.

65% of the respondents indicated that they had not been trained in the use, placing, taking off and disposal of personal protective equipment (PPE).

42.6% of the respondents stated that they had to buy protective materials.

Only 44.59% of the respondents indicated that the unit has a nosocomial infection monitoring system for staff.

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