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Friday | July 3 | 2020

Romanians get married later. Divorces are in decline

Romanians get married at an older age as 30 years ago and they are not getting divorced so easily, a sign of the fundamental changes that Romanian society has undergone since the 1989 Revolution.

In 2020, marriage has become an event that many young people seek to delay as much as possible. This does not mean that they ignore their feelings, but they manifest their love less formal, as an Frames analysis shows.

Men are getting married at 31,9 yo. Women at 28,7 yo

In 1990, young people were much more determined to get married than today. Men were married on average at 25 yo, and women at 22 yo. Since then, the average age of young people at the first marriage has grown rapidly, reaching in 2018, 31.9 years for men, and 28.7 years for women.

Moreover, the number of marriages has declined sharply over the past 30 years. If in 1990 there were 192.652 marriages registered, in 2018 their number decreased by almost 50,000 (143,292).

The negative record for marriages was recorded in 2011, when the National Institute of Statistics reported a total number of 105.599 marriages.

Divorces are in decline

Frames study shows that the number of divorces, in 2018, is at one of the lowest levels in the last 30 years. If in 1990 there were 32.966 divorces, and in 2010 were reported 32.632 divorces, in 2018 the number had dropped to 30,857, with 290 less divorces compared to 2017.

The divorce rate (the number of divorce cases per 1000 inhabitants) decreased from 1.42 divorces per 1000 inhabitants in 1990 to 1.39 divorces per 1000 inhabitants in 2018.

In 2018, the average age of spouses at the first divorce was 43 years for men and 39.3 years for women.

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